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The 6 Degree (6 Graus) Theory states that any person is connected to another through a maximum of six contacts. In Portugal, with our knowledge and contacts, we guarantee a much easier and faster connection to opportunities, organizations, and people.

6 Graus

We believe that Portugal offers excellent advantages and opportunities to anyone who wants to invest, create or develop a company, study or simply find a better place to live.

6 Graus guarantees through experience, knowledge of the market and contacts, to be the right partner for those who want to invest or settle in Portugal.

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The Experience

My name is Rui Ramos-Pinto Coelho, and I am the founder of 6 Graus.

From 2009 to 2019 I was responsible for Lisbon’s investment agency, and for creating and implementing Lisbon’s international promotion strategy, support to around 3,500 projects of investors, companies, and entrepreneurs and launched several projects to boost the economy, such as the Startup Lisboa business incubator, of which I was a member of the board between 2012 and 2019.

I was also a member of the board of Ireland Portugal Business Network (2017-2019); “Real Estate Person of the Year 2016” from Magazine Imobiliário; member of the group of international experts from the Urban Land Institute that developed a project about Frankfurt and Offenbach; as well as the author of articles in various prestigious publications and a speaker at the Web Summit and events in 22 countries.

For my work, I have received several official letters of commendation and praise over many years from the Mayor of the City of Lisbon and other departments of the Portuguese government.

I have created a network with the best professionals in each area, and because I believe in partnerships, I want to be your partner in Portugal.

Contact us to know the advantages and opportunities you can find in Portugal and what you can expect from our team.

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